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I know there's a whole group of gadget fans out there who go especially ga-ga for flashlights. Well prepare to drop your jaw, because here's a flashlight that's actually user-configurable — you can even connect it via USB and program new settings for it from your PC! The Angus Noble Indium Smart flashlight can also swap out certain hardware elements, like change out the LEDs from a Luxeon 3W to a K2 emitter. As for the software, you can adjust a whole bunch of settings, such as variable gamma correction, or program in sequences of strobes and fades, perhaps to recreate a Morse code message (there's a handy text box where you can enter the message you want to display). Set the maximum LED drive current to 1200mA if you want, or just because you can. What, you thought all your flashlight could do is turn on and off? No idea what the pricing or availability is, though we'll find out once the Indium is released.

Site [AngusNoble via GadgetBlog via OhGizmo]


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