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Infinite Blooms Give Us a Disorienting Glimpse Into Nature

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

John Edmark, a sculptor, inventor, and Stanford professor, loves spirals. When making his mesmerizing “blooms” Edmark wants people to say “wow, how’s that possible?” In this lovely little clip, he explains how it all works.

Edmark has some big, profound explanations about why he likes spirals so much—that’s just what happens when you spend all your time working and reworking an idea. But most simply, he just finds them beautiful. As a sculptor, Edmark has been creating forms based on the spiral and the golden angle for years. He films them in a way that causes them to animate when photographed in motion with a synchronized strobe light or a very short shutter speed.

Check out how the process works below and maybe you’ll try to pull off your own DIY bloom. Regardless, seeing the evolution of Edmark’s sculptures and how they demonstrate what it might look like if a plant were able to bloom forever is fascinating.