Infinite's New Trailer Forgoes Plot for a Ludicrous Amount of Action

As one does.
Gif: Paramount

The first trailer for Mark Wahlberg’s upcoming sorta-sci-fi movie Infinite dropped a mere week ago, explaining how a select group of constantly reincarnating people keep their memories and fight each other. This new trailer drops all that to present the movie as a Fast and the Furious clone built on the bones of Netflix’s very similar movie The Old Guard, with a bit of James Bond thrown in for funsies. And you know what? It looks cool as hell.


Seriously, I’ll give any movie where someone drives a motorcycle off a cliff onto the wing of an airplane while it’s in flight full credit for being totally rad, and a bit of extra credit for Wahlberg using a sword to prevent himself from being blown off. I also didn’t know that Jason Mantzoukas is this, which makes it an absolute must-watch for me... if I had a subscription to Paramount+, which I don’t.


To be fair, it’s weird that Paramount is limiting the movie to its streaming service when theaters have already started opening back up, and it’s not a particularly good sign, either. But based on this trailer, I have a hard time imagining it won’t be entertaining, even if it’s otherwise terrible.

Infinite also stars Chiwetel Ejiofor, Sophie Cookson, Wallis Day, and others. It was directed by Antoine Fuqua, who also directed Olympus Has Fallen and the two Equalizer films, which is a very good sign the action will be incredible if nothing else. The film debuts on June 20.

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So that plane is flying at like 30 mph? There's a difference between ludicrous action and just dumb.