Infrared Sauna, Burn Calories While Doing Nothing

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Healthmate's sauna uses infrared technology to make your sauna-going experience all the more pleasurable. Rather than having to heat the air and have steam do all the work, the infrared heats the body directly. The company claims that within 30 minutes users can lose up to 1,000 calories. Additionally, all that warming warmth has other health benefits, including an increased blood flow that may help with things like arthritis and sprains.


Compared to regular saunas, which only eliminate three percent of body toxins (which are...?), this sauna eliminates up to 20 percent of said toxins, doing so while operating at a lower temperature. It's made from spruce or cedar and costs only about 50 cents per hour to run.

The single-person version costs $3,500. For people who aren't terribly lonely, the five-person version costs $8,250. Before you know it, your house could end up like Mr. Hefner's mansion.

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