Insert an AirPort Express and This Outdoor Speaker Becomes AirPlay Ready

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Out of the box Russound's new AirGo outdoor speaker is fairly limited, letting you connect an audio source via a line in cable. But when you install an AirPort Express into a weather proof chamber on its back, it then gains AirPlay connectivity, letting you stream music from your iOS devices or iTunes.


The weather resistant speaker is perfectly happy to sit outside in the rain and blast your tunes, but since it's still tethered to an AC outlet for power, you'll probably want to bring it inside before the floodwaters begin to rise. The addition of a rechargeable battery would vastly improve its portability, but would also add to its 16.25lbs. And given it would have to also power the AirPort Express, battery life probably wouldn't be amazing. Setup is as easy as ensuring the AirPort is configured, and if connected to your home's wireless network the AirGo Outdoor Sound Station will also serve as a Wi-Fi repeater, expanding your network outside your home.

The speaker is available now for $400, but to be actually useful as an AirPlay accessory you're going to have to factor in the cost of a $100 AirPort Express as well. And I can think of plenty of other portable speaker options you can get for well under half a grand. [AirGo via Ubergizmo]



Soooo...since everyone insists on charging a min of $300 for an air play speaker does anyone have thoughts on a low cost setup that uses an Airport express?