WorldChanging has an in-depth look at the One Laptop Per Child project and the associated cheap laptop that kind of looks like a cute orange bunny. These antenni create wireless mesh networks automatically and cover USB and power ports in nasty environments. It has a 7.5", non-backlit screen and a tiny keyboard.

The laptop can fold into a tablet format for easy reading. No, it doesn't have a touchscreen. What about a hand-crank, you ask?

Contrary to what you learned in The Matrix, human beings are lousy at generating electric power. Small children are capable of generating between five and ten watts, for short periods of time. Since conventional laptops draw about 6 to 8 watts with their screens turned on, that's a real problem for a child-powered laptop.


Instead, they're planning on creating some sort of micro-generator to power the battery. Crazy.

It's cute. It's orange. It's got bunny ears — An update on the One Laptop Per Child project [WorldChanging]