Inspector Gadget Turns Ghostbuster - FAIL!

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The people creating the new Inspector Gadget series have their franchises crossed. According to their new one-sheet, it's a show about a "digital detective" who hunts ghosts. WTF? What happened to the evil Dr. Claw, and how can we stop this travesty before it starts? On the plus side, though, it looks like the Inspector has a whole new Gadget-Squad, each with their own weird attachments. I called DiC Entertainment, which produced the original series and is working on the new version according to the one-sheet. All I could glean is that the new show is "in the pipeline," so a 2009 launch date may be optimistic. But meanwhile, the promo one sheet says:

NEW SHOW! NEW LOOK! Wowsers!! THe World's dizziest digital detective is back! The ultimate crime fighter is on the case. Inspector Gadget is leading a new team on a top secret mission! Ghosts have invaded Metro City! That's right: G-G-G-Ghosts! Brand Essence:

  • Bumbling Crime Solver/Ghost-Hunter
  • Charmingly Inept
  • Amazing Array Of Gadgets & Gizmos

It worries me that "crime-solver/ghost-hunter" is now Inspector Gadget's job description. There isn't much I hold sacred about the original Gadget cartoons — unlike Meredith, I don't even care about the dog — but Dr. Claw is the whole point for me. That Blofeld caricature, with his MAD cat and his M.A.D. organization, is the KAOS to Inspector Gadget's CONTROL. They'd better bring back Dr. Claw, or my head is going to burst open to reveal a whole can of whupass. The good news is the stuff coming out of the Inspector's sleeves looks crazier than ever. And I'm glad he has a whole trenchcoat-pervert squad behind him waving ray guns, including Penny. We already showed you some of the promo art from this series, but here's a bunch more:


I have severe misgivings about this remake, to be honest. [Go-Go Gadget]