Instagram Gets a Tilt-Shift Effect and a More Useful News Feed

Instagram, the popular (and ever getting more popular) photo sharing app, just got a nice new update for SXSW (because if you've got a "cool" app and you're not updating it for SXSW, then you might as well just shut down shop altogether). First, for photos, there's a new tilt-shift effect, resulting in those sort of miniature train model-looking scenes that you're probably used to from HP advertisements and Vimeo videos and the like. It's Instagram's first foray into an effect, per se, as opposed to a simple filter, so that's fun. And then there's the new news feed—it's been revamped to be more like Facebook's, emphasizing your friends' activity over your own in an effort to help you find new people to follow. The app, as always, is free. [iTunes, Screenshots via TechCrunch]