If you want to not be hacked, the absolute best thing you can do is turn on two-factor authentication for all your accounts. Instagram is way behind the trend here, but it looks like tween’s second-favorite photo network is finally getting with the times.

According to TechCrunch, Instagram is in the process of rolling out two-factor authentication. It will work like everyone else’s two-factor system: log in from a new device, and you’ll get a passcode texted to you. This is better than the printed-out codes Snapchat was previously experimenting with, but not as slick as something like Google’s Authenticator app.


Still, anything is better than nothing, and given that Instagram’s current security option is only a password, it’s not hard to improve. The update hasn’t rolled out quite yet, but you should keep an eye out for app updates. In the meantime, go make sure that your backup email address—and every other account you own—is two-factored to the hilt.


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