Cats Using Instagram, and Everything Else You Missed Yesterday

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Cats posting to Instagram, Microsoft invading Android tablets, LG's goes metal on the G4. This is all the news and rumors from the past 24 hours, all on BitStream.


We have reached peak technology. Pack it up. We're done. Whiskas, a company known more for feline food than feline wearables, is working on a "Catstacam," which is about as horrible as it sounds. According to PetaPixel, the Catstacam takes six pictures a minute(!) and posts them to your cat's own Instagram account as soon as your kitty is within wifi range. To make sure you don't have about a zillion picture of Skittles taking a nap, the device only turns on when it detects movement. The future is here, and your cat is going to have more Instagram followers than you. [YouTube via PetaPixel]

Apps and Devices

  • Microsoft is invading Android tablets with Samsung and Dell saying they'll bundle MS services on their devices. [Samsung]
  • Google's Eric Schmidt reiterated that Google Glass isn't going anywhere, it's just needs some fine tuning. Lots and lots of fine tuning. [WSJ]
  • Amazon Prime Music embraces the Pandora way of things by including a "Prime Stations" feature for iOS. Pandora has seen better days. [TechCrunch]


  • Apple originally ordered 2.5 to 3 million Apple Watches—a report says that number may now be cut in half. I guess pre-orders aren't going so well. [MacRumors]
  • A new leak shows that Samsung may let you delete bloatware. Goodbye, S Voice and S Health. Who needs ya? [XDA Developers]
  • Apple may have a new wireless keyboard in the works—this time with backlighting. [9to5Mac]
  • Surprise, surprise. The new LG G4 might be metal. [Android Authority]
  • The next version of iOS will finally let you download free apps without needing a password. [9to5Mac]
  • Windows 10 will support NFC payments, but with Google buying Softcard tech, Windows is currently without a reliable tap-to-pay option. Maybe that will change and soon. [Windows Central]
  • OPPO is declaring war against the bezel. A new leaked image shows a new phone where the bezel almost completely disappears. [Anzhuo]
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The wearable "pet cam" idea has been around for some time and I'm excited to see a nice consumer version, but from a security/privacy standpoint I hope it can just upload to private folder...