Install OS X on a PC With No Hacking Required

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Adam of Lifehacker showed you how to install OS X on a home-built PC, but now he's got a walkthrough that lets you do the same thing but with much, much less hacking involved. Convenience for the lazy or the uninspired (like us). [Lifehacker]


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Lots of armchair business gurus 'round these parts. The expenses of completely restructuring the business, then fighting to get OEM deals with major vendors, who already lap up the Redmond code would cripple Apple completely. They wouldn't have enough money to even continue work on the software alone, let alone research and development and design of new hardware. And please, let's get this nonsense about merits and credibility on the part of Apple out of this, because that shit just isn't the case.

What if Microsoft decided to forget about making universally accepted OS software, and decide to make a machine specific OS designed to run on their own premium-priced hardware? Microsoft would then have to go well beyond their Entertainment Division devices and come up with something that doesn't have a fucking 30% fail rate, and come up with a generous amount of SKU's or face paltry adoption. The expense of mounting this hardware project, coupled with losing billions on their already successful software concern would cripple them just the same.