Intel Also Designing Processor for Low-Cost, Ultrathin Laptops

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Just days after we heard about AMD's oddly-positioned processor for ultrathin laptops, the Neo, Intel is reported to be working on something almost identical. Are these bridge laptops the secret next big thing?

The two big chipmakers seem to think so. CNET's sources at CES told them that the processor, which will be priced above the Atom but below the pricey ULV Core 2 Duos found in ultraportables and current thin laptops like the MacBook Air and Voodoo Envy 133, are "going to enable notebooks that are less than one inch (25mm) thick," but that don't cost as much as the aforementioned computers. The performance level will be commensurate with the price, give or take: significantly more powerful than the Atom, but by no means a flagship processor.


Details are scarce for the time being, but the processor seems to have an identical mission as AMD's Neo: create an entirely category of laptop, designed like an ultraportable, but priced between a netbook and a notebook. Does anyone need this, or want this? HP's 12-inch DV2 is the first of its kind, and by definition these new ultrathin laptops won't deviate much from its precedents. If it doesn't get your juices flowing, it's doubtful that any of these new bridge machines will. [CNET via Engadget]

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Intel frightened itself by creating a product at the low end that had such thin margins. It needs to re-position the modified Atom for mid-market so it (and the laptop vendors) can get some margin back.