Intel's New Easy-for-Your-Mom-to-Understand Processor Badges

Illustration for article titled Intels New Easy-for-Your-Mom-to-Understand Processor Badges

They're designed to be simple to understand for regular people, so you don't need these explained, right?


It's easy, really: Black is for high-end (except, uh, the weak Atom also uses a black background, oops); blue is for mainstream, white is for cheaper chips like Celeron and Pentium (expect when it's Centrino and Centrino 2). Okay, not so great on the colors. Let's move on!

Just like your favorite restaurant, now they have star ratings. Five stars is for high end like Core i7, one star is for not-so-great like Celeron. The issue for regular people is that the star rating appears on a computer's sales card (not the chip logo itself) and only describes the chip, not the whole computer. "Hey this computer's got four stars? That's pretty good!" Anyone else feel a Microsoft ad coming on? [PC Mag]

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Dude, you got one of those pathetic Centrino 2 Inside stickers - I wouldn't be caught dead with anything less than a Core 2 Extreme Inside sticker. Loser.