Interactive Shoebox Dioramas Might One Day Lure You Away From Amazon

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In an attempt to make brick and mortar stores more than just a showroom for websites like Amazon, Planar has taken the see-through LCD displays that were all the rage at CES and created enhanced display boxes providing more details on the items inside.

Besides protecting more valuable products, like perfume bottles, jewelry, or even electronics, the 32-inch boxes can also be used to show commercials, promos, or provide detailed technical specs on a given item. And while they might not work so well for shoes where the consumer wants to be really touchy feely before making a purchase, these would be brilliant in a museum letting users get a detailed history of a given relic.


The boxes can even be further enhanced with solar-powered turntables, because if auto shows have taught us anything, it's that nothing sells the consumer on a product like watching it slowly spin in circles. [Planar via SlashGear]