Internet Finally Getting Non-Latin Domain Names

The ICANN, the folks who set some guidelines that make the Internet go 'round, are in the final stages of passing a proposal to introduce non-Latin characters to web addresses. Finally, there'll be some non-porn-based multiculturalism on the Internet.

Seriously, this is incredibly huge. Aside from being one of the single biggest changes to domain names since the "creation" of the Internet, more than 40 years ago, it also finally takes into consideration that more than half the Internet's users' native languages contain non-Latin characters. In a sense, it truly represents the liberty of the Internet.


It's taken many years to get here, but if plans are approved as expected, on October 30, then applications for these new domains can start flying in as soon as November 16. I'm definitely crossing my fingers and hoping that there aren't any let downs, because, as Brian remarked (tongue-firmly-in-cheek, I'm sure), this proposal shows that the white man doesn't own the Internet anymore. [BBC]

Photo by Infosecurity


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