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Internet Laziness Enabler Seamless Buys MenuPages

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Seamless, formerly SeamlessWeb, allows me to lie on my couch, corpselike, and have delicious food delivered directly to my door with a few clicks (or smartphone taps). Now they own MenuPages, and slothful America can order in even smarter.

The recently designed Seamless already made it stupid-easy to get any meal at virtually any time of day. But their menu information was at times inaccurate or sparse, as were their user reviews. A lot of the time, you had to take a bite in the dark because of the dearth of feedback. But if there's one thing MenuPages has in spades, it's intricately detailed rundowns of what restaurants offer—40,000 of them—plus 200,000 diner reviews. When you stick the latter into the former, you've got an even better, more informed way to eat a hot meal without having to put pants on. The deal should also help Seamless expand its delivery options—good news for restaurants and hungry people alike. And now, I order a quesadilla for breakfast. Just because I can [Seamless]