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The GE InfoLink (left) is the latest phone that is doing what cellphones have been doing for a while: Internet. This phone's small LCD will display information such as sports scores, RSS feeds, weather, stocks, etc. There are also no fees associated with this subscription, except for the fee (and embarrassment) of owning a landline. This will be available on the second quarter of 2007 for $179. GE is calling it the "Fourth Dimension" of information. Uh, sure.

GE didn't stop there with the handset phones, jump to see some more.

Cellular Fusion (center)
This landline phone can connect to cellphones via Bluetooth and receive the calls meant for the cellphone. The only advantage of this over actually using the cellphone is being able to use a comfortable GE handset. It will be available in May for $179 and include a secondary handset.


GE28310 Skype Phone (right)
Just another Skype phone. It does allow calling without the use of a PC at all. Available in Spring for $179.