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Internet Radio Rebellion Crushed: CRB Upholds Royalty Rate Hike

Illustration for article titled Internet Radio Rebellion Crushed: CRB Upholds Royalty Rate Hike

NPR's and other webcasters' efforts to roll back the crippling royalty rate hike for Internet radio stations have been gutted. A panel of judges at the Copyright Royalty Board denied their appeal, holding up "the original CRB decision in every respect," though a slight reprieve was granted in allowing stations to pay royalties based on "average listening hours" rather than per play through 2008.


Apparently, arguing that the new fees will drive many stations out of business is tired old drivel according to the panel, who said that "most of the parties' arguments in support of a rehearing or reconsideration merely restate arguments that were made or evidence that was presented during the proceeding." No, there's no "manifest injustice" there.


The ruling takes effect May 15, so listen hard to your favorite Internet radio stations, since you may not be able to listen long.

Internet radio dealt severe blow as Copyright Board rejects appeal [Ars Technica]
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Boycott all broadcast content until they all fall. Then rebuild from scratch. The way WE want it. Serious...simply stop listening/watching broadcast content. They will fall.