Into the Spider-Verse Wasn’t Shameik Moore’s First Audition for Lord & Miller

Miles Morales, swinging.
Miles Morales, swinging.
Image: Sony Pictures

Shameik Moore killed it as Miles Morales, bringing one of Marvel’s best young characters to life. During his time on Into the Spider-Verse, he worked with Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the creative duo who produced the film. But it wasn’t his first time.


According to a new interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Moore tells the story of auditioning for Lord and Miller for Lando Calrissian in Solo, a part that ended up going to Donald Glover. He also remembers the duo not making a huge impression:

I don’t really care about who I’m auditioning for. I don’t know much about who the directors are beforehand. I go in there to execute my job, and if you want me, I’m here to execute. I don’t think I knew that these were the same dudes that were interested in me for Spider-Man when I went in for Star Wars. I do remember meeting them, and going in there and doing it, but I also remember feeling like I wasn’t going to have that part.

Moore, apparently, left an impression on them, however, because when they were helping to cast Spider-Verse (after being, y’know, fired from Solo), Moore’s name came up again, influenced by his excellent turn in 2015’s Dope. And thus a space hero becomes a spider hero.

It’s funny, also, that Moore auditioned for a role that eventually went to Donald Glover, considering how closely tied Glover is to Miles Morales himself. Some people just have a spider destiny, I guess.

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If anyone’s a fan of Shameik Moore after Spider-Verse, check out Dope, Rick Famuyiwa’s film from 2015. Outstanding and hilarious - also has Tony Revolori, Lakeith Stanfield, Kiersey Clemons, among others I’ve come to appreciate more work from since.