io9 Exposes the Eugenics Wars and Ash Tyler's Dark Secret in Latest Star Trek: Discovery

Image: CBS
Image: CBS

Star Trek: Discovery is in a hot spot. The latest episode, “Choose Your Pain,” was indeed painful, but mainly because of the choices it made—especially regarding Captain Lorca’s actions. io9 Video, with Beth Elderkin and Katharine Trendacosta, takes a look at why Lorca chose to leave a man behind for spite, as well as expose Ash Tyler’s secret motives and discuss how the relatively obscure Eugenics Wars factor in this season. You can watch the video below.


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Emil C.

If the whole “Ash Tyler is Vok” thing is true, then was it really necessary to bring it up? Not all of us have been scouring IMDb pages and had noticed the connection before Katharine brought it up in her article earlier today.

This goes a bit beyond being a simple spoiler.