Iomega UltraMax 640GB Hard Drive For Macs

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Apple's hulking metallic case for it professional G5 tower and Mac Pro might not be the prettiest looking out there, but Iomega took the idea and ran with it, incorporating the same design philosophy into its UltraMax 640GB external hard drive. Using RAID 0, the UltraMax comes pre-formated with HFS+, the main format used by Macs nowadays. (Of course, you can reformat it to your heart's content.) If RAID doesn't please you, an external switch allows users to use the two drives making up the UltraMax separately, showing up on your computer as two different drives. Still with us? This is all very complicated, I know.

The UltraMax works with Mac OS X 10.1 and higher and connects via USB 2.0 and FireWire 400 and 800. It'll be in stores on Sept. 11 from Iomega's Web site for $449.95.


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