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Hasbro is apparently throwing its hat into the gaming world by releasing their own system. Albeit an educational gaming system. What sets this one apart is that it has it's own built in camera, a-la Sony's EyeToy.

Warren Buckleitner of the NY Times, claims that the ION is easy to use, especially since the camera that is integrated into the unit itself is fully adjustable to account for different heights of little kids. Of course Warren being the genius that he is, also claims that there is no console involved. Well then what is this built in camera built into? And where do you put the games? Yea, that's what I thought.


And for all the parents out there with your Nickelodeon addicted little kids. They will spaz over the fact that they can be on TV with Dorah the Explorer and Sponge Bob. The best game by far has to be the Simon Says, where your kid must stay still in certain positions for an unspecified amount of time. $100 for the ION, $20 for a game, having your kid stay still for a moment while being monitored by a machine, Priceless.

A Child Waves at the TV, and the Game Begins [NY Times]