iOS 15 Will Reportedly Bring Big Changes to Notifications and the iPad Home Screen

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Earlier this week, Apple added a new M1-powered iPad Pro to its portfolio, and now a new report indicates the company has some big plans for iPadOS.

According to multiple sources who spoke to Bloomberg, Apple is planning to revamp the way the iOS handles notifications, while possibly adding some new features to Messages, and allowing users to add even more widgets to the iPad’s home screen. Those upgrades will be coming in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. Apple’s major OS updates are typically released in the fall alongside the latest iPhone models. However, Apple often shows off new features and software updates at WWDC, which this year is set to take place virtually starting on June 7. 

According to Bloomberg, Apple in iOS 15 will add the ability to set various notifications statuses, which will enable your phone to respond in different ways depending on if it’s set to working, driving, sleeping, or a number of custom categories. In some situations, like when your status is set to driving or sleeping, new notifications may arrive silently to help you avoid disturbances or distractions. Bloomberg’s sources claim your current status will be shown on your lock screen, and a new status menu will be available from the iPhone’s Control Center so it’ll be easy to change quickly.


According to Bloomberg, Apple also has some potential changes in mind for Messages designed to help the app better compete with rival chat apps from Facebook, but those features are said to still be in their early stages and may not be ready for release until later in the year.

And in accordance with Apple’s overarching goal of increasing user privacy, the company is reportedly working on a new feature that will better highlight which apps may be silently monitoring and collecting your data.


Finally, following the addition of home screen widgets in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, it looks like iPads are getting a major revamp to their home screens, so you’ll be able to place widgets anywhere you want and even replace the entire app grid with widgets, if you are so inclined.

Apple is set to preview upcoming changes in iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, watchOS, and more at WWDC 2021, so we should have a much better idea about all the new features and updates Apple has in store in early June.