iPad Desk Features A Novel Twist—A Circular Plate For Rotating iPads

Illustration for article titled iPad Desk Features A Novel Twist—A Circular Plate For Rotating iPads

The iPad accessories are flying in thick and fast, with the Quirky Cradle being the latest replacement for...your lap? It features a circular plate which rotates the iPad; certainly a nice touch and makes the $52.50 a lot more reasonable.


Made from bamboo, it's lightweight and won't be cramping your thighs as the underside has a foam cushion for added comfort. But then, you may as well just balance a pillow on your lap—though admittedly the circular plate could be handy for rotating your iPad if someone else is using the iPad at the same time. Though then that person would have to lean over the Quirky Cradle uncomfortably, or try and insert their legs under it as well. In fact, this desk is probably better suited for private moments with your 'Pad. You know what I'm talking about. [Quirky Cradle]


Denver is too damn high

honestly now, are there any iPad users here who regret their purchase?

I DON'T want to hear from anyone else. I GET IT that people are happy. I'm just curious if anyone has found their iPad less than stellar.

Yesterday I got to handle one for the first time and frankly, I don't get it. I do get buying a new toy and having the thrill go away all too soon (Wii).

Who out there can admit it yet?