iPhone 2.0 Gets Pwning On Windows (Unlock, Jailbreak) Via Convoluted Process

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The guys at iPhone Hacks just found a way to take the iPhone Pwnage release yesterday and figure out a roundabout way to get the unlock and jailbreak to work on Windows machines. It's only applicable to first-gen iPhones with 2.0, but if you're really desperate to get your phone hacked, but not quite desperate enough to get within 10 feet of those "Mac" users, here you go. Not for the uber nooby. [iPhone Hacks]


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There are plenty of applications that make it worth it? Look into it.

There's Twinkle for some which is Twitter with pictures and location.

There's Phonezap, a pretty sweet social photo location app that also has the weird built in ability to create ringtones from your own music, on your iphone, for free. Yea, my favorite feature.

There's Pocket Touch. It's nothing but a black screen that lets me control my music with a swipe of my finger instead of aimlessly tapping and eventually looking at the next arrow in the iPod app. Handy while driving without needing eyes for your music.

Agile Mobile, which is now a pretty near complete full fledged IM app. Yahoo has finally made its way to the iPhone with a NICE app. It continues to run while it's minimized with the home button.

Summerboard, which makes my iPhone look just so damned sexy.

TuneWiki, great for playing music with synced lyrics to them. Great if you ever need the lyrics to a song. Period.

There's many more that I don't run, and that's only because I don't load mine up with a bunch of apps and have it cluttered shitless. Keep your essentials, the rest are just novelty.

I will never move to 2.0 until all of the apps mentioned above work on it completely. Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE to have some of the app store apps, I really really would. But I'm just loving this too much.