iPhone-ish Virtual Keyboard for the Nokia N800

No predictive text, but plenty of popup letter action, plus sliding. In landscape mode, the letters here seem to have a bit more breathing room between letters, esp on the 4-inch screen. [JKOntheRun]

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"1 carrier - 1 model - $500 minimum investment - 2 year contract - no 3G - no GPS —— yet they still sold 270,00 in the first 30 hours —— companies are rushing to build mimic devices of the iPhone —- not revolutionary? Yea, right... "

The Nokia N800 can do things the iPhone can't do like support 2 SDHC memory cards, VoIP, FM radio, 800x480 resolution screen, VNC client and server, UPnp client, etc. . 16GB total with the current SDHC cards on the market, technically it could support 64 GB with the SDHC spec. Also the person that developed this keyboard did it in a little over a week. The N800 already has a thumb board with predictive text. The iPhone is not the end all be all of technology, it's just another gadget/phone. Ok for some, not for others.