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iPhone on CNBC: "It will be Appley"

Yeah, that quote in the title is direct from CNBC's brilliant analysis on the iPhone.


My other favorite quote: "According to the Internet rumor mill, Apple chief Steve Jobs is expected to unveil the new iPhone at the upcoming Macworld conference..." It's always amusing when lazy reporters...

a. Cite the Internet as a conglomerate source
b. Immediately debunk that source, yet stand by its content


Hit the video about halfway to watch the host Dylan Ratiger be a huge cock to Loop Rumors blogger/founder Bob Ward. "You aren't on the Internet anymore, bitch!" That might not have been the quote verbatim, but close enough. Sorry Bob.
Thanks Ari!

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Uber_Fragger let me explain something to you and the rest of you people who don't understand apple. Your argument about people not using the features of the devices they buy has a very simple answer. This answer also applys to the "innovation" arguement that is going on here as well. The devices im talking about are not just computers and cell phones, but digital cameras, video cameras, tivos, mp3 players, pdas etc.... What apple does that no other company seems to grasp or can grasp very little is how to make a product easy to use. When I say easy to use I dont mean so easy an old lady can use it...because we all know making a device so easy and simple doesnt fix anything. Im talking about so simple and easy to understand, so natural to use that it opens up the product for the end user. All of a sudden features that cell phones have had for a while like cameras, video conferencing, texting, picture messaging....all things that have been around for a long time are simplified and presented to the user in such an "innovative" way that it makes you interact with your phone differently. Instantly the user is grasping how to make his or her "phone" work for them. Like syncing up their phone with their computer and getting the pictures they took off and onto their mysace account. This is what apple does that no other company does. Gives you a reason to use your phone you didnt even know was there. Tivo devices are another example besides apple. They did the same thing for TV what apple is doing for computers and eventually for the cell phone markets....Wow look at 10 years ago...who had DVR boxes in their living rooms? Not a lot of people I bet. They took an existing service like TV and made it interactive in such a way that even your parents, grandparents and little sister who doesnt know jack about electronics are "tivoing" their favorite shows. Another example is the ipod. MP3 players...been around forever now. Hmmm why havent they taken off. Because no company has been "innovative' with the way the user interacts with them. Now because of the ipod and its "innovative" interface and iTunes software all of a sudden everyone has them and is syncing them up with their computers. Not only are they putting music on them....but their pictures as well.There are TONS of companies that make computers...why are apple computers great? Because of the user interface that runs on them! This is the same rule for every device. It all depends on the interface that runs on that device and the software it works with to make it "innovative" so people will start to use them. Hmmm ever wonder why nobody syncs their phones... BECAUSE THE SOFTWARE IS SO CRAPPY AND HARD TO USE THAT NOBODY GIVES A CRAP TO FIGURE IT OUT!!! Cell phone companies wanna charge you to get the same music you already have on your computer on your cell phone! Wow awesome way to get people to use your product...make them pay for something twice lol.

Apple will open up the cell phone market like it did the mp3 market.

1. Allow you to transfer your songs from itunes on your phone..and use them as ringtones. Wow other phones have songs as ringtones you say? WHO CARES!?! Its so clunky and hard to use that no regular person is going to use it. Im not paying for a song to use as a ringtone that i already have on my computer!

2. Apple will let you take pictures with your phone...hmmm everyone does that you say.... OF COURSE THEY DO...but can you get those pics off your phone...sure for a price! Apple will let you sync up with your computer for free! and have software so easy to use that you will start seeing tons of cell phone pics popping up all over myspace and other sites froms users that never did that before.

3. will also let you sync anything else on your phone with your computer and let you use your data the way you want to. NOT PAY TO GET MY OWN PICS OFF MY OWN PHONE THAT IVE ALREADY PAYED FOR.... F YOU CELL PHONE COMPANIES! YOU GREEDY PIECES OF CRAP!

Apple will come in and whipe the floor with your asses and then all of a sudden every single cell phone company will be trying to offer the same features as apple. Apple is "innovative" The first company to open up a device to the user. I could go on forever since there is so many things to talk about with this subject. How bout the price of the device....oh wawww wawww my device is too expensive apple make it cheaper so i can afford it. Nobody cares about price..NOBODY...if the product is great people will find a way to buy it. Society will gobble it up. Thats why ipods go for 100-350 bucks and they sell like hotcakes. People buy new ipods every single year...but say a cell phone for 350...omg thats way too much money...WHY?! because the device doesnt do anything but let you talk on it! NOTHING it has pictures and video and blah blah blah...none of those are open enough to pull people in to using it. My final example of another company that gets what apple is doing is Myspace...Hmm websites been around forever right?..Sure have...making websites has been around forever right...sure have..but what Myspace did is the make interface so simple and easy to use that everyone and their mothers are making their own websites now. Myspace has "innovated" the way we make a webpage. Ok I know im off to a bit of a rant so ill end this now....Apple is clearly innovative.