iPhone SMS Security Flaw Could Allow 'Every iPhone In the World' to Be Hijacked

Illustration for article titled iPhone SMS Security Flaw Could Allow Every iPhone In the World to Be Hijacked

Apparently, there's a security flaw on the iPhone that allows it to be hijacked via SMS. And when, hijacked, your phone can then hijack all other iPhones in your contacts list. I think you see where this is going.


The flaw involves invisible SMS bursts that allow hackers to gain total control over your phone. The two dudes who discovered it plan on unveiling it at the Black Hat conference on Thursday. They say they told Apple about it a month ago, but nothing's been done.

So how do you prevent your phone from being hijacked? Well, if you get a text containing only a single square character, turn your phone off. Fast.


Hey Apple, wanna fix this please? That'd be great. Thanks. [Forbes]

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So funny, the thing that keeps the Mac computer somewhat immune to malicious attacks, relatively small numbers compared to PSs, is what makes their iPhone such a target. Irony served!