iPhone to Have Unlimited Email Storage

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Thanks to Yahoo! Mail VP John Kremer's announcement of unlimited email storage from Yahoo, the Apple iPhone will have unlimited storage as well. The current email storage is 1GB for free users and 2GB for paid users, but everyone will be able to get infinite storage now. Paid users can get a $20 refund if they ask.


The upgrade starts in May, and Yahoo will actively warn and suspend email accounts that are "abusing" their unlimited status. That means no using it as disk storage or backup (unless you do it sneakily).

Technically the iPhone's storage won't be "unlimited" even using IMAP to only download headers, but at the rate you fill up the 8GB of flash storage, it's essentially unlimited anyway.

Yahoo! Mail goes to infinity and beyond [Yahoo via Tech Crunch]


Ok Google, how can GMail beat that?

Gmail is not unlimited and doesn't even have IMAP, never mind POP3 that can "resume" (basically once you access something in GMail POP3 it is no longer visible on your next sync unless you manually go in the settings and reset everything, great...)