iPhone Update 1.02 Out, Hacks Still OK [UPDATED]

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More as it comes...reported to be just bug fixes, but it is a 92.1MB download. Maybe there are hidden features inside like the iLife integration that is rumored to have been delivered in 1.01. We'll see. Anyone notice anything? UPDATE: I'm set downloading a 91.2 MB file, but others are reporting a 3.7MB file. Could be what happens when a hacked iPhone fails to patch.


UPDATE: People over at the Macrumors forums are reporting all sorts of holy fixes to WiFi and Cellular reception, which haven't been proven.

UPDATE: iFuntastic 2.5 works fine.

UPDATE: Going to Stop typing UPDATE every time I update.

-From Macrumors forums: "Tested the wifi and it is coming in at +1600 kbps - fastest result I've seen by about 50%." To me, Safari is much faster. Try it.

-Richard from wirelessinfo.com says installer.app works. More hacks confirmed as still Juicy.

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I have not hacked my iphone in the slightest. Before the latest software update, I had pics associated with certain contact list entries. Post software update, all of these pics are gone - both from the iphone and from my Mac's Address Book application. It's such a little thing but damn it's pissing me off.... :-)