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iPhoneSIMFree Releases First 1.1.1 SIM Unlock, Fixes AnySIM-Bricked iPhones

Illustration for article titled iPhoneSIMFree Releases First 1.1.1 SIM Unlock, Fixes AnySIM-Bricked iPhones

Click to viewiPhoneSIMFree, the company that released the first GUI iPhone SIM unlock, has just provided an updated version of their SimFree unlocker for iPhone 1.1.1 phones. According to them, they can apply their unlock thanks to the iPhone Dev Team's 1.1.1 Jailbreak. Their new software will work with virgin, never-unlocked iPhones with firmware 1.1.1 and bricked iPhones too. If that's you, head over to their page for a step-by-step tutorial. This is just for IPSF unlocks, so people who unlocked with anySIM or iUnlock will have to wait; though hopefully not very much longer.


(UPDATE: Actually, they claim that their new application also restores the baseband of your iPhone if you used any of the free unlocks. The result: a bricked iPhone can now be fully brought to life and unlocked with their paid solution. People who already unlocked the iPhone with iPSF just need to jailbreak their iPhones and activate because, according to them: "there's no need to re-apply the unlock because the unlock survives the firmware upgrade. It's permanent." - Jesús Díaz) [iPhoneSIMFree]

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"Apple could have easily restored the baseband before the update (as have been demonstrated by the IPSF guys with this new update)"

Jesus, do you really mean this?

I mean, take a look at the step-by-step tutorial over at iPSF


which entails following the highly convoluted instructions by the Dev Team to restore to 1.0.2 and running their [] ON the iPhone (which would entail installing the app using something like App Tap).

How do you know that Apple could have "easily" reproduced these results via their firmware update, which is run through iTunes?

I really can't see how this iPSF method demonstrates it. Sorry.

Also, as many people have expressed here recently, if it's so "easy" to fix it, where is our "Free" fix for us who used AnySIM on 1.0.2?

Purely in terms of appearance, it was easier to hack 1.1.1 than to fix AnySIM unlocked 1.0.2! I'm getting a feeling that AnySIM did more damage than anyone (including the Dev Team) had imagined. And you really think Apple could have easily fixed it, not to mention having a moral obligation to do so?