iPod and iBook Cost Comparison Around The World

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If you're in Buenos Aires and you want to buy an iPod, don't head down to your local store. Instead, find someone in New York to buy one for you and mail it.

BusinessWeek's did a comparison on various costs in various countries. You may have thought that Apple's iPod Nano costs the same around the world as it does here in the US. Actually, the $249 player would cost you $592 in Argentina, $286 in London, $248 in Tokyo, $299 in Shanghai and $299 in Moscow.


The iBook is similar, with NYC still coming in cheapest at $999 and Buenos Aires topping the charts for a whopping $1480.

So don't just shop around your local stores. Shop around the internet and discover what other countries are paying for your tech goodies. Then make a friend (or buy one on Craigslist) and have them purchase it for you.


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