iPod Overload Offers Up Hard Choices, No Clear Winning Device

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Click to viewWith this crazy new iPod lineup, Apple is giving up something we haven't really had before with iPods: a really hard decision. The touch is nice, but 16GB of space sucks. And hey, 160GB on the classic is awesome, but it's lacking any other new features. As someone who is currently rocking a 60GB video iPod, I honestly don't know what to do. None of these new iPods are really what I'm looking for; Apple went and spread the features I want across multiple devices.


I'd love a touch, as having that Wi-Fi would be awesome. But cutting 44GB out of my portable library? And paying $500 for what amounts to a fancy screen and a Wi-Fi device I'll realistically only be able to use at home? I don't know. Then there's the classic, which would be able to hold all 120GB+ of my music with plenty of room to breathe. It's cheaper, would hold everything as well as some videos, but is just, you know, boring. No Wi-Fi, no huge touchscreen, no fun.

Then, of course, there's the third choice: stick with my perfectly fine 60GB iPod and not blow any more money on something I don't need. And with strong reservations about both of my iPod choices, that might just be the option I go with. How about you? Will you be grabbing a touch despite the dinky hard drive? Will you be upgrading to a monster classic? Maybe getting a fatty nano? Or is that iPhone price drop just what you've been waiting for? Let's see what the most desired of the lineup is, shall we?

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I've never liked iPods, but the iPod Touch interface for the most part defeats most of the things I disliked about iPods (except iTunes and lack of format support), but the capacity's terrible. The capacity of the Classics grabbed my attention big-time, but no way I'd use the old setup. If the Touch had an SD slot like the Creative Zen, I'd be all over it in an instant.

The thing is, it's not about carrying your entire music library with you (although I like to do that), it's about carrying a large amount of music AND videos. Videos take up a ton of space, and if you're going to use this for both, it severely limits your space. And with the Touch being designed so heavily for video, it makes no sense to be so limited in how many videos I can carry with me.

Once again, as with so many other keynotes, Apple managed to suck me in, and then drive me away at the last second. I got really close this time. They have nearly everything I want, just not in any one package I'm comfortable with.