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iPod Shrine of the Day

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This is one of two Lego-based shrines entered into the Apple iPod 30GB video player contest. And the iRobot shrine with the spooky 80s face is among the worthiest thus far.


Keep building... what else are you going to do while the turkey roasts? Entries must be accompanied by a photograph in JPG format 72 dpi, max 400 pixels on the top side. Please, NO HUGE PHOTOS OR WE WILL CRY (download Gimp if you don t have a good photo editor). Also, write us two or three sentences describing the devotional, its symbology and what makes it sacred. Send entries to with IPOD SHRINE in the subject line. Repeat: Entries must be sent to with the subject line IPOD SHRINE; all others will be unceremoniously deleted.