The Fat Duck, one of the restaurants in the celebrated UK gastronomic town of Bray, Berkshire, is to take its customers' enjoyment of food up a notch. Diners who choose a dish called Sound of the Sea, a mixture of seafood and edible seaweed served on a sand-like tapioca mixture, will listen to the sounds of crashing waves on an iPod in order to enhance the taste.

The man behind all of this is Heston Blumenthal, the Doctor Bunsen of the British cooking world, and the man who gave us Snail Porridge, Nitro-Scrambled Egg and Bacon Ice Cream and Mango and Douglas Fir Purée. "I did a series of tests at Oxford University three years ago which revealed that sound can really enhance the sense of taste," he told a magazine. "We ate an oyster while listening to the sea and it tasted stronger and saltier than when we ate it while listening to barnyard noises, for example."


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