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Iqua has released a Bluetooth "headset" that is not really a headset, but a tabletop conference calling system. Plop it down on the coffee table and start the 3-way calling action, because that's what Iqua has in mind for the UFO. It features a nice LCD that displays the time and date as well as caller information, and has Skype compatability, too, which is awesome. Battery life, you ask? Apparently up to 8 hours talk time on a full charge, with 220 hours standby time. Not too shabby. Complying with Handsfree and Headset Bluetooth profiles, the UFO can be paired with up to eight devices, one at a time. It retails for $150 and is especially useful if you have to do conference calling a lot and are an avid user of Skype.

Iqua UFO Bluetooth Headset [Mobile Whack]