Iran Claims It's Being Targeted By a Second Cyber Attack

Gholam-Reza Jalali, Iran's Commander of Civil Defense, claims that a new computer virus code-named "Stars" is attempting to compromise Iranian systems.

It is currently unknown what the new worm is targeting—nuclear facilities or other computer networks—and who is responsible but Jalali acknowledged that "the virus is congruous and harmonious with the (computer) system and in the initial phase it does minor damage and might be mistaken for some executive files of government organisations."

Right now, according to Jalali "the Stars virus is now in the laboratory for more investigations", which means we'll likely find out more about this cyber attack soon. The new Stars computer virus comes a year after Israel and the Pentagon were accused of launching the Stuxnet supervirus on an Iranian Nuclear Plant. That attack is still on Jalali's mind, . [Reuters]


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