iRex Delivers New 1000 Series E-Readers

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Last week iRex promised that a "new era in digital reading" would begin on the 22nd. While the new 1000 series isn't exactly a "new era," iRex has been in the e-reader biz since the beginning and their new lineup is certainly worth checking out. Available in 1000, 1000s and 1000SW flavors, the new iRex devices deliver a 10.2-inch b&w e-ink display with both the 1000s and SW sporting a stylus. The 1000SW also features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G connectivity. The 1000 and 1000S are priced at $649 and $749 respectively—and although the SW is not yet live on in the iRex shop, expect to pay around $900 for the luxury of wireless connectivity. [iRex]


Okay, I'm checking out the iRex site to see if this reader is backlit...and I find the following feature descriptions:

"Print any document directly to you the iRex Digital Reader. Microsoft Office documents, e-mails and Adobe PDF documents, can be directly printed into a readable format on your iRex Digital Reader, allowing you the convenience to always have all your paperwork at hand."


"With a sleek and lightweight design you can take the iRex Digital Reader almost anywhere - and with plenty of memory to store you ou will have all your paperwork and documents at hand."

I'm sorry, I may be a bit anal about things like this but I'm just not likely to spend several hundred dollars on a product from a company that can't even spell-check its own website.

And by-the-way, this one looks like it isn't backlit either. I know the lighting diminishes the battery life, but I'll be damned if I'm dropping any money on one of these readers and then having to clip an LED booklight on it.