IRL Emoji: Our New Favorite Way to Waste Time on the Phone

So what do a bunch of dudes with iPhones do when they haven't eaten all day, are waiting at your restaurant table, starving, annoyed, and need to pass the time. They innovate. They bring emoji to life. In public.


We had to! (Really, it was either create this game or resort to cannibalism). We took immediately to the mysterious woman in purple. Why is her mouth always agape? Is it from excitement, or abject horror? And why the distorted gestures? The crossed arms? The hair flip? Where did she buy that sweater? Is she alright?

We tackled all these questions (and more) by becoming that little emoji woman. I even asked a friend to do her best impression across state lines via MMS. Did we look chemically imbalanced to everyone else in the restaurant? Probably! Did we care? No. Give it a shot—it's probably the one semi-practical thing you can do with an emoji (and challenge yourself—the Purple Lady is totally softball material. Anyone who pulls off the caterpillar or smiling pile of poop gets 500 Gizmodo Points).

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