Is a New Texting Plan AT&T's First Verizon iPhone Counteroffensive?

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According to this leaked photo over at Gear Live, AT&T's going to be reworking its messaging plans next week. The $5/200 and $15/1500 texting plans will disappear, and in their place? A simplified system that beats Verizon's messaging offering handily.


Apparently AT&T will have two new message plans, as shown on this purported Best Buy computer screen: $10 for 1000 texts, or $20 for unlimited. That compares with Verizon's current packages of $5/250 messages, $10/500, and $20/5000. If you had an old AT&T plan, you'll be grandfathered in and can keep it. But new customers will only have the two new options to choose from as of Jan. 23rd.

Whether cheaper texting alone is going to be enough to persuade iPhone customers to stay with AT&T remains to be seen, but it's nice to see the increased competition garner some immediate results. [GearLive]

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