Illustration for article titled Is Amazon Finally Giving Free Unlimited Video Streaming to Prime Subscribers?

Engadget has some screens that show a free unlimited video streaming option for Amazon Prime subscribers. With all the other perks Amazon Prime users get, this new free Amazon streaming service could challenge the awesome Netflix Watch Instantly for streaming supremacy.


Truth be told, we've actually been waiting for this sort of free streaming for Prime subscribers since last year. If it really gets bundled with Prime, well, it becomes a helluva deal (especially if you buy lots and regularly from Amazon). Currently, a Prime membership is $79/year and a Netflix Watch Instantly is around $95/year (and you get no additional benefits from Netflix).


The fine print currently says that it allows for "unlimited, commercial-free, instant streaming of 5,000 movies and TV shows" but is limited to only streaming in 480p. Still, if that's all, it's definitely nice for Prime users. Anyone seeing this on their Amazon accounts? [Engadget]

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