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Is AT&T Opening the Door to All Android Apps?

What's this? An AT&T Android device that doesn't shackle you to the official Android Market? The new Samsung Infuse 4G lets you flip the toggle to download any Android app from any market. That's great! But is it the future?

We contacted AT&T, who didn't deny the Infuse was a step in a new direction of liberated phones, and a company exec told PC Mag "I think we'll go more open," vis a vis apps—so we'd wager this is the start of a (welcomed) trend. [via TechCrunch]


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Anyone else think it is ironic how an 'open' platform like Android can be totally raped by the carriers? I mean seriously, I thought the iPhone was going to TAKE AWAY carrier control of mobile devices, but then along comes Android with custom email signatures, crapware, and logos plastered on every device to promote their network while they limit the types of apps despite being offered on competing devices on the same network or the exact same device on a different network. This begs the question of who is to blame here? Is it the carrier or Google? Considering iOS is not influenced by carriers in the same way that Android is, I would argue that Google is at fault.

Android is becoming a big whore and the carriers are its pimps...

Sent from my iPhone on the Nation's fastest (and soon to be largest) 3G Network, AT and fucking T bitches!!