Is Google Getting Ready to Ditch the Nexus Name?

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Google is reportedly getting ready to ditch its Nexus branding in favor of a new stringent "Silver"certification program, which would encourage hardware partners to make sick flagships with limited bloatware.


The Information has a (paywalled) report with a lot of details about Google's supposed plans. In short, it sounds like Google wants to set the rules for flagship hardware without having to be so hands-on with its actual development. For consumers, however, the plan might not look too different from the arrangements that already exist, with the exception of the new naming scheme.

According to the report, the prime partners would be Motorola and LG, whereas Samsung and HTC would probably not play along. That mimics the arrangement that exists right now. LG has manufactured that last few Nexus smartphones, and Motorola's Moto X was designed under Google's tutelage. HTC and Samsung, meanwhile, continue to insist on loading their phones with horrid skins that are inferior to stock Android.

We've heard speculation in recent months that Nexus might not continue to exist—and given how far Android has come over the last few years, maybe it makes sense for Google to take a step back. [The Information]



Honestly, I don't find HTC's skin offensive at all. I kind of like it, in fact. I find the individual carrier apps (goddamn verizon) to be far more offensive than anything the manufacturer has put on there...