Is Google's Next Product Google Poo?

You know, one of the most common typos I make when I try to go to Google is Happens all the time. Luckily, Google actually owns that domain name, so I won't happen upon a bed of pop-up nastiness. Uptime monitoring service Pingdom has come up with a massive list of domain names Google owns after analyzing the root zone file and some WHOIS snooping. Other domain treasures include gmailsucks, gmailblows, googlepoo, fuckengoogle, omgoogle and thesecretofburritos. There's a freaky porn-obsessed Google domain underbelly too. Check these out.

Also under Google's (probably sore) thumb: googleporn, porngoogle, googlerotic, google-yahoo-sex, google-yahoo-porn, sexogoogle and to top it all off, sexpornotits. (The WHOIS doesn't match up for that last one, but it's definitely on Pingdom's list.) There's like a bajillion more, if you wanna rifle through the whole thing at TechCrunch, but most them are boring permutations of Google and Google services (gooooooooooooooooooogle) to combat cybersquatters. Not so sure about that sexpornotits one, though. [TechCrunch]


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