Is Sylar Ready To Become Vegetarian For Heroes Season 3?

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One of the things to expect from the third season of Heroes may be exactly what we've all been worrying about: Sylar to turn towards the light. But would the powers that be really be stupid enough to defang their one successful bad guy? According to a recent conference call promoting the new season of NBC's superpowered hit, the answer may be "maybe"...Show creator Tim Kring is definitely hinting that Sylar's upcoming year will move in that direction:

Sylar will play a major role in the new volume, and the creator and star both spoke about what's to come. Quinto said that in a flashback episode, fans will see more of Gabriel Gray, the pre-Sylar watchmaker... Kring added that Sylar will evolve and his life will become complicated by his interactions with others. "He'll have a series of very human relationships in this season."


It's almost as if they learned nothing from last year's aimless subplot of powerless Sylar's roadtrip with black tears woman. We don't want to see Sylar having "very human relationships," and we don't want him to evolve - We want the blackhearted bad guy who's only hanging around other people to work out how quickly he can manage to eat their brains. Zachary Quinto, please, tell us that we're not seeing some kind of weird rehabilitation of your character?

Quinto was asked about his upcoming role as Spock in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek, and the actor revealed that he sees several similar traits when playing the logical Vulcan and the sociopath villain. "There are elements of the characters that echo each other, but from opposite ends of the spectrum," Quinto said. He added that they both have "a stillness and a rich internal point of view that informs the way they behave."

A stillness and rich internal point of view...? Oh God. I am now dreading Heroes Volume 5: Sylar Learns What It Is To Feel This Thing Humans Call Love. Tim Kring and Zachary Quinto Discuss 'Heroes' Season 3 [BuddyTV]



Honestly, I'd rather Sylar be the good guy and Peter be the bad guy. Simply because Quinto is a much better actor.