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Is The iPod Shuffling Off This Mortal Coil?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The rumorazzi (yeah, I just made that word up) are predicting the demise of our favorite MP3 player. Well, if we haven't seen spy shots of the thing, then it must be on it's way out. Right?

According to TUAW sources, the "product transition" that Apple spoke about during its last earnings call could be about the iPod classic and iPod shuffle. The iPod classic is basically the same design as the original iPod introduced almost 10 years ago, click-wheel, hard drive-based storage, same UI just colorized.


Fast Company points out that the iPod line made up only eight percent of Apple's total revenue in the fourth quarter of of 2010. So it's not exactly pulling in the big iPhone bucks.

If true, we'll miss you dear iPod. Rock on in technology heaven. [TUAW, Fast Company]