Is There Really Hope For More Crossbones in the Marvel Movie Universe?

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Get a closer look at Idris Elba in new Dark Tower set pictures. Stephen Amell teases Oliver and Felicity’s relationship in the next season of Arrow. A Space Battleship Yamato movie might still be in the works. Plus, Michael Bay blows something up for Transformers, and a bunch of new Ghostbusters footage. Spoilers now!

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Marvel Cinematic Universe

Frank Grillo visited Good Morning America, where he was unable to accept the death of his villainous character, Crossbones:

You think he dies, don’t you? Did you see the body? What did you see? I’m not saying anything except that ... you didn’t see a body.

While there could always be the possibility of the character returning—these are, after all, comic book movies—it seems a little unlikely there’s much of Crossbones left after the events of Civil War. [Comic Book]

Justice League

Welsh actor Julian Lewis Jones has confirmed he’s in the film, but did not disclose further details on his role. [Wales Online]

Star Blazers/Space Battleship Yamato

Answering a fan question on Twitter, Christopher McQuarrie hinted that a script he wrote for an adaptation of the animation series is in development.


Thor: Ragnarok

Production on the film has begun.


The Dark Tower

Another picture of Idris Elba on set, this time straight from Ron Howard.


Transformers: The Last Knight

Michael Bay has shared a new, typically Bay-esque behind the scenes shot from filming on Instagram.



The ghostbusters test out some new equipment in a clip.


And here’s a bunch of new TV spots.

Sausage Party

A faux-PSA for the film urges you to destroy your barbecue.


Japanese rock band The Pillow will return to record the soundtrack for the show’s new season. Original character designer Yoshiyuki Sadamoto will also be involved in character design. [Anime News Network]



Stephen Amell teased the status of Oliver and Felicity’s relationship next season in a recent appearance at Heroes and Villains FanFest:

I think that it’s important to remember that relationships on the show don’t have to be only defined by romance. Oliver and Felicity could have a wonderful, fulfilling, dynamic relationship and not be together, right?

That wasn’t a question, OK. That’s how the world works! So we will see where they are this year. I hope that they’re both in a happy positive place. Whether that means they’re together or not remains to be seen.



Finally, at the same event, David Ramsey confirmed that Diggle would be receiving a new piece of vigilante costuming in season five, a new mask designed by Cisco. []


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I get it, Frank, I do. You don’t want the ride to be over, and one more chance to pop up in a Marvel movie would be a wonderful chance to help yourself coast through retirement on royalty checks.

Seriously though, the bomb which took out two and a half floors of an office building, killing all the people required to kick off the plot of the entire film, was, at best, feet from you when it detonated. Even if your armor protected your torso from the blast somehow, your head was exposed, and would have been melted and/or blown off by the explosion, fireball, and debris.

For all the complaints about resurrection in comics and comic cinema, you returning really would be the official moment that everyone inside and outside that film world would realize death became 100% meaningless in the MCU.