Is This HTC Merge a 10MP Android Phone or Tablet?

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If it weren't for the rumor that this HTC Merge has a 10MP camera, you could almost be mistaken that it's a tablet with that name. Of course, maybe the 10MP rumor is a disguise...


A few weeks ago Phandroid turned up mention of the Merge in Verizon's inventory, not suggesting much other than the fact it has the "ADR6325" code.

Now though, Softpedia spied the Merge turning up on the Global Certification Forum site, with the same ADR6325 model number and quad band GSM/GPRS/EDGE and single band UMTS/HSDPA /HSUPA at 2100 MHz frequencies, suggesting it's on track for Europe and Asia.

Knowing there's a few new HTC devices on their way next month, could the Merge be the European name for one HTC Vision / G2? Or Desire HD or Desire Z, or perhaps it's the Verizon name for one of those phones? Honestly, it's tough keeping track of all these HTC phones.

As ever, answer on a postcard please, informed HTC fans... [Softpedia via TechRadar]


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