Is This Levitating Car Track Amazingly Amazing or Amazingly Fake? (Updated)

I want to believe this is real. I really want to believe this is real. Please internet, just let us have this one thing: an astoundingly cool WipeOut model car track based on superconductivity and magnetic fields. It's incredible looking.


The question is, of course, CG or not CG? Certain parts look a little fishy, but the principles ostensibly behind the levitation are scientific fact. And yet, we can't find any "JAPAN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY." Its YouTube channel only has one video upload—and a Gmail address. Plus, the fact that this is tied to a videogame screams VIRAL AD HELLO right into my ear.

But please—just let this be real.

What do you think? Have we been suckered?


Update: Yup, viral video. The YouTube description now includes "(C) Copyright! All rights reserved belong to Sony Entertainment and SCE Studio Liverpool," placed hilariously just below "Note: NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED in this video."

So, uh, let's all get excited for a new WipeOut game.



Sorry, that is definitely fake. 20 years of 3D modeling and animation have taught me how easy it can be to fake physical objects and create photorealistic fantasy. This doesn't even come close.

The "smoke" trails are the first big giveaway. That is a particle system if I have ever seen one, and not a very sophisticated one at that.

The liquid nitrogen is the model vehicles propellant? I highly doubt those ultra smooth velocities could ever be so well controlled.

The motion of the vehicles... Really? watch them make the turns, it's not even up to south park quality motion paths. The axis point looks dead-center, yet there is no pitch and roll... at all.

High-end animation tools coupled with very skilled animators could pull this off, and they do more than you know, but this is pretty amateur, and it shows.