Is This Redesign Enough to Make You Care About Yahoo Again?

We've been hearing rumors of a big, game-changing Yahoo redesign since Marissa Mayer came on board as CEO, so hold onto your butts because it's finally here. The new Yahoo has an customizable infinite scroll newsfeed! It has Facebook integration! And more! But is it enough to make you give a hoot about Yahoo again? If you ever did to begin with?


Yahoo has also redesigned its web apps to look like regular apps pretty much. It's supposed to be faster overall, thanks to some backend improvements, and it looks nicer and less like a Craigslist mishmash of links. So the venerable web portal has finally caught up with the rest of the modern web. It took long enough. But everything about this new foot forward—except for all that garish purple—could be too similar, too subtle. Mayer's promised further revamping going forward, so there may be a more dramatic shake-up yet to come. Personalization and clean lines are nice, but maybe not enough these days to lure in new customers—or even keep the ones you've got. [Yahoo]

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